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Waaay back when I was in film school (we’re talking 2005 / 2006) I did a ton of stills photography on college productions – and it was one of my favourite things. The stuff that always drew me to film sets was the sense of camaraderie – the sense that everyone was working together towards a common goal and everyone had something to do that helped the production move along. Working on a production is one of the most exhausting, rewarding, awesome things I’ve done and I’ve had very few chances to do it since I moved to Chilliwack – so when Carin contacted me to take some stills for her parody production about bedbugs I was happy to help out and hang out with my camera.

Soooo… here are a few of the stills I took during production of ‘Ode to Bedbugs’. You can see more images on my Facebook page, and check out Carin’s FB page while you’re at it … because SCIENCE! Video embedded at the end of the post!

Blog Collage-1393315839406 Sarah Sovereign Photography | Dr. Carin BondarBlog Collage-1393315641694 Blog Collage-1393315560753 Sarah Sovereign Photography | Dr. Carin Bondar

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